I wanted my brides to know that beautiful boudoir style images are not impossible to create on the morning of your wedding. Some brides have already allowed me to create these beautiful images for them but as I wish to honour the bride’s discretion I would like to show you what can be achieved, so I found a couple of images that I had taken during a Trevor & Faye Yerbury Workshop in 2011. The Yerbury’s are wonderful and exude glamour and romance in their gorgeous imagery.

I’ve heard so many women say, “Oh I couldn’t do that I wouldn’t look good enough” or “ I have to loose weight still ”or “my skin isn’t great” or “I’m too shy” but today is the day when you will look absolutely stunning and you feel on top of the world. Why not indulge yourself in the romance of the day. Feel beautiful!

A wedding day is the perfect day to have some beautiful boudoir images created on the morning of the wedding, after all you have the gorgeous underwear, you have your make up artist, your hairdresser and your professional photographer equipped with the necessary lighting. It’s a chance to be truly glamorous so why not? You can keep the shots exclusively for yourself and your husband to be or you may wish to include some beautiful images for the wedding album or you may wish to have a special album just for you to look back on in years to come, whatever you wish come and talk to us.

All you need to do would be to allow us an extra 20/30 minutes on the morning of your wedding in order to create this beautiful imagery, Please let us know if this is something you would be interested in and we can make it happen. For other options available please enquire.

Love Sam xx

Bridal boudoir Liverpool
 Bridal boudoir Liverpool

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