In the not too distant past we had to say “Bon Voyage” to the lovely Dean family as they were relocating to Lyon, France. It was an emotional day as the kids had all grown up together in infant school. Now lots of new beginnings and dreams were about to come true! A special thank you to Lyndsey and Steph for suppling props, the children throughly enjoyed playing with them! These are some of the photographs taken during that sessions in Laura’s back garden at the time, I thought I would share them with you, as a wedding photographer I wanted you all to know that I adore taking portraits of children too! Having two myself Im often capturing precious moments as time seems to go by too fast. Hope you enjoy these photographs, still to come 3 weddings to blog so please keep looking! To Laura and James I hope you are realising your dream in beautiful Lyon and I hope the photographs bring back fond memories Lots of Love Sam xx

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