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Headshots Liverpool

Increasingly more and more people have asked me to take headshots of them for a variety of reasons whether it be for Business, CV’s, LinkedIn accounts, Authors, Promotional Material, Actors, Singers, Musicians, Facebook and various Events.

Having a professional headshot taken can make you look more confident, knowledgeable and approachable and allow others to engage right from the start. You need to have an individual and dynamic image that combined with your credentials will stand out and set you apart from the rest. Having a professional headshot taken will let others see that you are professional in what you do. With our online presence playing such a big part today in the success of our businesses, it is now more important than ever to be seen often, and in the best possible light. First impressions count!

Headshots Liverpool should give you an opportunity to portray an image to your potential clients, to share your brand and to show ‘the face behind the business’. We  often forget that when potential customers are looking at our businesses online, they are also looking at who we are and how we conduct our business. They want to see that we are serious about quality and good customer service.  If we don’t appear to care about our own personal image, then why should our potential customers believe that we would use higher standards for the product or service we are offering?

Your headshot should show your personality, It’s important that the image looks and feels like you, not how you think people want to see you. Thankfully the days of staged and stuffy yearbook-like headshots are over. Polished, genuine, and more relaxed headshots are in. Contact me for bookings, Im able to bring my studio to your office!