Professional business Head Shots

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Start the New Year with the perfect impression.  In this age of various  business directories, LinkedIn in, Facebook and Google plus, headshots are becoming a powerful element of your own personal brand.  It’s never been more important to stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression with a memorable headshot image.

It is a well known fact that people do business with people whilst having an online profile can never recreate meeting someone in person, a good picture enables people to put a face to your name, builds trust and can help form a favourable first impression.

Thats why I was glad when Angela Maher from Acumen Financial approached me and asked me to take their new business profile head shots. I photographed Angela and her team in November just as the Autumn colours were fading, it was a beautiful sunny morning and I decided to make the most of the natural light using the lovely colours in the background. Angela emailed me a few days later when she had received the photographs to say:  “Despite the fact that we all moan about their own photos, everyone agrees that these are great! Gorgeous colours, really pleased with them, can’t wait to get them on the website now!”

So why not make your first photographic impression one that will engage others right from the start. your prospective clients are going to investigate what you look like, to see whom they’ll be dealing with.  A business headshot can  inspires confidence and convinces others of your authenticity. Headshots for business professionals are becoming an essential part of your personal brand.

So don’t be tempted to use your mobile phone cameras and take a “selfie” First impressions count, let me take your photograph and let your strong, confident personality shine out. For prices and information,  please contact me.