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Claire and Andy’s pre wedding shoot

Claire and Andy’s pre wedding shoot took place recently in Formby Woods with a fabulous couple Claire & Andy.
Claire & Andy are to be married at Beeston Manor on the 13th August.

I love Formby woods and its been very popular recently with quite a few of my couples.  Im often in the woods either walking “Snowy” or taking photographs. Its a wonderful place with the pinewoods consisting of mainly Scotch and Corsican Pine, many up to 100 years old dating from when the woods were first planted.  The woodland opens up through to acres of open grassland, widely populated with many different heathers and flowering shrubs.

Pre wedding shoots can take place in your favourite places to banish fears of being photographed, they are a great way of making you feel easier about being photographed and overall less conscious of the camera. It just means you can forget about us on the day and we just get lots of lovely natural images of you. We turn your favourite images into a lovely signboard and then we bring it to the reception for all your lovely guests to leave their mark!

Claire & Andy were great and Im really looking forward to their wedding in August. These are just a few of my images from the shoot.