It rained today and I had to postpone a pre wedding shoot, but whilst watching the rain from my window I thought about what wedding photography means to me and I thought I would share this with you.

As a child I loved to look at my parents wedding album, it was like a magical story book my mother looked like a princess my father a handsome prince. I could see my grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends of my parents all looking happy and fabulously dressed. That was London in the swinging sixties, the exact year 1962.

Now in 2010 I can still view that album, now married with children of my own, I can show them and tell them stories of relatives that have sadly passed away and show them the photographs of these happy moments caught in time. It’s a vital piece of family history that should be treasured and passed down for future generations to look at and share. They are the wonderful memories that we preserve in a photograph.

Wedding photography tells a wonderful story and after the cake has been eaten, the champagne drunk, the flowers wilted, the dress boxed away, it’s the photographs that we hold in our hands to evoke the memory of the biggest day of our lives.

I feel that when I’m working on a wedding that I am re-telling a story that will be looked at 20, 30 even 100 years from now. I sincerely hope that the joy and love felt on the day will still shine through for our children and our children’s children to look back on and say ‘wow mummy looked like a princess’, or didn’t grandma look so stunning and beautiful on her wedding day.

Having children, growing older, and taking photographs for my career makes me understand the importance and magic of an image. I know that my photographs will outlive me; they will be there to tell the tale of a beautiful wedding day, a birth, parents, grandparents, friends, loved ones and evoke a smile from the heart of images taken with the heart.

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