A wedding day belongs to the couple not the photographer; we aim to take up as little of your time as possible while at the same time capturing everything for the future.

We capture everything from bridal preparation, all the lovely little details, all the moments throughout your day, to your first dance together.

There are times that we will need to take up some of your wedding day, but we try to keep this to a minimum. Generally the single greatest moment where we need everyone’s time is the group shots. We shoot as many or as few of these as you wish.

The choice of groups and individuals you want photographed we leave to you, as many or as few as you prefer. Generally we would not recommend going much beyond 6 groups as this can eat into the time a little, but as long as there is the time, we are happy to shoot who ever you want. At this point it’s always useful if we have some help from brides maids or ushers, someone who knows who everyone is and can help us put the groups together.

We normally suggest a few groups as this is a historical family moment, and it keeps parents and grandparents happy!

Groups aside, we also ask for about 20 minutes of the couple’s time by themselves for a portrait, most of our couples enjoy this little moment of peace together. That not to say we don’t have time later on for a little fashion shoot with the bride and bride’s maids and some fun with the groom and his entourage. We often break up the 20 minutes into smaller blocks of time throughout your day.

We have photographed weddings in many locations in Liverpool, Lancashire and Cheshire, if we have not worked at a particular venue before we will always visit it before the wedding.

We use the highest specification camera equipment linked to a range of lighting techniques to capture the image when ever and where ever we need to. Photography is all about light, generally Mother Nature provides the best light but living in the north west of England we know that Mother Nature is not always 100% reliable! We will use diffusers, reflectors, flashes and tungsten lights to help or replace Mother Nature as needed. These techniques also play a key element when we are adding that fashion look to some of our shots.

We carry a range of spare equipment so that if a camera or flash or lens fails we have a back up to hand. Both of us taking photographs ensures that if something where to go wrong, one of us will have captured the moment. A lot of thought time and effort goes into every wedding, in total I will spend about 7 days working on your wedding. Shooting, editing, album building.

As professionals we are of course fully insured.

We bring you the most beautiful wedding albums from Queensberry & Graphi Studio. I would like to think that in 20 or 30 years time, or even more that your wedding album still gives you “butterflies” when you look at it.
through its pages you can re-live your memories, evoking feelings that you had on your wedding day.
I like to think of a wedding album being a historical, precious book, keeping together a collection of the most important images of you and your loved ones that may be viewed by future generations.
I want you to be able to re-live the day and remember how it felt to marry the love of your life through these images.

I have sourced my album companies from some of the best in the world such as Queensberry of New Zealand, Graphi Studio of Italy and handmade Renaissance books in England giving you stunning beautiful hand made books to preserve your memories for a lifetime

It’s so important in this digital world, to print images out and not leave them on hard-drives that will one day become obsolete.
Nothing gives me more pleasure than to go through old family albums and family photographs from my parents and grandparents, I find that there is something so aesthetically pleasing to hold an old photograph in your hand and think about the story that it tells. I want your album to convey your happiest memories, show your loved ones and friends and be something for your grandchildren to treasure in the future.